Jurisdictions Appeal FCC’s September Small Cell Order 18-133

The cities, counties and related associations that are challenging the FCC’s decision to preempt local ownership of streetlight poles and similar municipal property in the public right of way are […]

5G, Small Cells, IoT, Deployment … It’s really all about Site Acquisition and Permitting

This article is one of many that explain very simply that a site acquisition and permitting logistics problem threatens the small cell revolution. A more sophisticated (big picture) approach needs […]

Stapleton CAB Meeting Invite – Wireless Coverage Discussion

The Stapleton Community Advisory Board (CAB) will be meeting on April 19th, 2018 from 8:00am to 9:00am to discuss wireless coverage and the at-risk area of Northfield, adjacent to the […]

Non-Bias Research Data regarding Small Cells, 5G, Smart Cities and local jurisdictions

The latest, maybe the only, non-bias research available at this time concerning the relationships local jurisdictions are developing with Smart City Applications and wireless industry development of small cells and […]