Jurisdictions Appeal FCC’s September Small Cell Order 18-133

The cities, counties and related associations that are challenging the FCC’s decision to preempt local ownership of streetlight poles and similar municipal property in the public right of way are […]

FCC Small Cell Order 18-133 to become effective January 14, 2019

After almost two years of consideration (Mobilitie & BDAC), on Wednesday, September 26th, the FCC approved a Declaratory Ruling and 3rd Report and Order regarding acceleration of wireless infrastructure deployment […]

5G, Small Cells, IoT, Deployment … It’s really all about Site Acquisition and Permitting

This article is one of many that explain very simply that a site acquisition and permitting logistics problem threatens the small cell revolution. A more sophisticated (big picture) approach needs […]

Has Google Fiber been the motivating force beyond wireless industry innovation this decade?

See what a couple Washington insiders have to say about that in the Harvard Business Review. https://hbr.org/2018/09/why-google-fiber-is-high-speed-internets-most-successful-failure

Experience, Training are Critical to Support Growing Connectivity, Internet of Things by Patrick Pelissero

Great article in AGL Magazine, May 2018! Winning Approvals from local municipalities is critical to operating seamless mobile networks. Back-to-basics training and mock hearings ensure success in a changing telecom landscape. Click […]