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Stop Use IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED 3MTM Fall Protection Specific DBI-SALA® DeltaTM & Exofit XPTM Arc Flash HarnessesProduct Recall (Pure Safety Group – Diablo Big Block SRL Recall)

Pure Safety Group has released a recall notice for a select batch of Diablo Big Block SRLs. Please check the recall notice for additional information on affected units and instructions […]

Pure Safety Group (Guardian) has released a product stop use notice for a select batch of their self-retracting lanyards. Please check any Pure Safety Products or Guardian SRLs to see if they are included in the stop use noticeThe Crosby Group has identified a select batch of 7/8” 6.5t shackles with a product identification code PIC 5VJ appearing on the bow of the shackle. All affected shackles are to be removed from service. Please refer to the Crosby Groups important safety notice for instructions for return and replacement of affected shackles.MightEVAC MightyLite End User Safety NoticeSafe + Sound Week Aug 12-19 2019

Learn more about Safe + Sound Week at or download the PDF below for more information

Stop Use & Product Recall IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED 3MTM PROTECTA® Cobra Rope Grab AC202D3MTM DBI-SALA® Nano-LokTM edge and Wrap Back Twin- Leg Self Retracting Lifelines Stop Use and Product RecallProduct Advisory Capital Safety D-Ring Extenders