COWA President Speaks up about Colorado Ballot Proposition 110

Did you know? – Colorado Proposition 110 allocates millions to telecom projects

It’s not often that elections and the choices we get to make as voters have direct impact on wireless telecom.
But this year there is one statewide ballot initiative that does have direct impact on spending for telecom
infrastructure across the state.

Proposition 110 would allocate $120 million dollars to CDOT’s budget generally for fiber and other technology
projects along Colorado’s highways. Not only would Proposition 110 provide funding for CDOT’s “Project List
for New Revenue Sources – Adopted July 19, 2018”
it would also provide funds for the Road-X program to
prepare Colorado for new transportation technologies.”

In speaking with CDOT and other State of Colorado representatives, I was able to confirm that if 110 is approved
the state fully intends to spend the $120 million on design and implementation of numerous telecom projects
including potential wireless enhancement solutions.

So, if you’re on the fence about how to vote on Proposition 110 and work in the Colorado Wireless Industry,
maybe you have 120 million new reasons to vote in favor now.

Dan McVaugh- President
Colorado Wireless Association
October 24, 2018

COWA Prop 110^J FINAL 10-24-2018

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