Non-Bias Research Data regarding Small Cells, 5G, Smart Cities and local jurisdictions

The latest, maybe the only, non-bias research available at this time concerning the relationships local jurisdictions are developing with Smart City Applications and wireless industry development of small cells and 5G technology. This research work is great information and currently available for free online.

This groundbreaking RVA report with the help of sponsor Next Centuries Cities and others, is the first detailed view of Smart City and Small Cell activity (4G densification and 5G) in U.S. municipalities. A random sample of 176 municipal officials were interviewed regarding the status of both technologies in their communities.

Results show that both Smart City and Small Cell activities are now ramping up – especially in mid to large size cities where fiber to the premise rollouts are either completed or underway. Although in relative infancy, these early activities are clearly starting to benefit both the city and the individual resident.

On the other hand, the study shows where additional work needs to be done to maximize the positive potential of these technologies. Areas of discussion include ensuring Small Cell deployments maintain safety and neighborhood aesthetics – preferably utilizing public/ private collaboration, and ensuring Smart City deployments include internal coordination, and management of issues such as network security, equitable deployment, and reasonable citizen privacy.

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